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Did you know that TKC donates a portion of our proceeds from our annual show to local causes?  Did you also know that we've hosted additional fundraisers to make additional donations?

In addition to our long history with competitive canine sports in Tucson, our mission is to give back to the community.  We are proud to have helped bring an AKC Disaster Trailer to Southern Arizona in 2016.  Our fundraising and donations have also supported: on going costs for the disaster trailer, Valley Fever Vaccine researchPima Paws for Life,Southwest Rescue Dogs IncPima Community College Vet Tech Program

Since we did not host a show in 2020, the club decided to make a similar sized donation to the club selected charity of choice, Valley Fever Center for Excellence.  We are pleased to continue to pledge our support for Dr Shubitz and her team in their continued research.  Please see their website for additional information 

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