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The Tucson Kennel Club (TKC) was founded in December of 1928 under the name of “Catalina Kennel Club”.  There were 11 charter members.  The first annual dog show was held in November of 1929.  This was the first dog show held in the state of Arizona.  At this time, Tucson had a population of 31,000.  Jack Bradshaw was the superintendent of this show, which continues to this day.  Our first show, which was benched, had an entry of 99 dogs with 21 breeds represented.  At that time, there were five groups: Sporting (including Hounds), Working, Terriers, Toys and Non-Sporting.  Sexes were not separated.  Local entries were a large part of these early dog shows, there were classes for Pima County residents only.  This first show lasted over three days.  BIS was an English Setter. 


The 1936 show, held on March 14 – 15, was the last show held under the Catalina Kennel Club moniker.  The eighth annual show was the first held under the current club name, TKC.


During the World War II years (1939 – 1945), all proceeds went to the American Red Cross and Dogs for Defense.  It was 1943 when our first unbenched show was held.  There was no show held in 1945. 

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