2017 was the first year TKC offered a Pee Wee Event as part of our conformation shows.  Johnny Shoemaker was our judge for 10 Pee Wees.  Some of these Pee Wees are from multi generation dog show families, and for some, it was their first time working with a dog.  

The Pee Wees had a wonderful time, the applause and encouragement for each child was exhilarating.  Lots of smiles from the Pee Wees, and the adults outside of the ring.

We are pleased to continue this fun new tradition with our youngest members of the fancy.  This event continues to be free for our Pee Wees.  Lunch is also provided to Pee Wees at the conclusion of the event.  

Our 2018 Pee Wee Event was in the December 17, 2018 issues of Dog News - click here to read the article.  The club would also like to thank Bettina Bienefeld for the amazing candid photos of this fun event.  

In 2019, we are pleased that Johnny will again join us for this fun, free, encouraging event for the young fanciers

November 16, 2019 - 12p Old Pueblo Hall - Ring 5

2018 Pee Wee Event