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Portion of TKC Members November, 16th 2019

Why Join the Tucson Kennel Club?

At Tucson Kennel Club (TKC), we are a like minded group of people who love dogs.  We love to compete in dog sports with our dogs.  We are concerned about the health of our dogs.  We are concerned and want to help the dogs in our community.  We care about good sportsmanship in competitions.  Just like the diversity of our beloved dogs, we are a diverse group of people coming together for dogs. 

The longevity of the dog fancy relies on committed volunteers to host our great dog shows.  Volunteering for a portion of a day or two of a show helps to ensure these events can continue in the future.   Being involved in these shows offer a unique perspective into the fancy, including opportunity to lead committees/projects to help further activities with our dogs.

What we do

We hold two all-breed conformation shows, back to back, the third weekend of November.  2021 date - November 19 - 20, 2021 at Pima County Fairgrounds.  We also offer obedience and rally competitions at our shows. We also offer a 4-6 month beginner puppy event, Pee Wee event, and wide variety of other events at our annual shows.  

If you are interested in joining and meeting like-minded dog lovers, consider joining TKC.  As members of the Southern Arizona community, we are committed to giving back to our community.  We share information about events, offer support to each other, help improve each other’s understanding related to our beloved dogs. 

We meet monthly during the fall – spring months.  We celebrate the holidays with a family style potluck, with freshly made turkey and ham.  The pinnacle of the evening’s event is the always fun gift exchange.  Before we break for the summer, we get together for a barbeque.  The barbeque last May featured mesquite grilled tri trip with all the necessary side dishes and desserts. 

Despite our differences, and different reasons for joining the club, our common denominator is our dogs.  If you like what you hear, come join Tucson Kennel Club.

How do I join?

Please feel free to reach out to our Membership Chair, Barbara Barnes to attend our meetings as a guest.  Once you have attended three meetings as a guest, and have sponsorship of two current club members, our Secretary will provide and collect your completed membership application and signed Code of Practice and Ethics for voting by our Board and membership.  

We meet the third Tuesday of our active months (September - May), meetings starting a 7p.  The first portion of our meetings is an educational session for approximately one hour, a short break, and then our general membership meeting.  Meetings are usually done by 9p.  Please see our calendar for specific dates/times/locations.  

After three meetings as a guest, with the sponsorship of two current club members (see club bylaws for any additional details), your application will be submitted to the Board of Directors, and then the membership for voting into club membership. 

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